9420TKB V4.0.0 (What's new)

[Features in 9420TKB V.4.0.0 both Free and Donated version - Build No.#200/201]
  • New, New engine, more responsive and MultiTouch
  • New, More KB skin color (White)
  • New, SoftEnter, long-press Enter to get new-line in SMS or WhatApps
  • New, Use Arabic numbers over Thai numbers
  • New, KB height adjustment
  • New, (Pro version) support "portforio keyboard"
  • New, (Free version) suggest for donation"

[Features in 9420TKB V.3.0.0 both Free and Donated version - Build No.#90/91]
  • New, support "slide" keyboard with the following features
    • Word suggestion while typing
    • Configurable for "Language Switcher" key
    • Text Selection by press [Shift+Directional Keys]
    • Text Selection Cut/Copy/Paste Cntl+A, Cntl+X, Cntl+C, Cntl+V
      (Remark - work with the old version of Android when the cntl key is not supported)
    • Auto-Capitalization
    • MultiTap key, type the shifted character by tap the key twice
    • LongTap, type the shifted character by press-and-hold the key
  • New, Close button for Suggestion bar to close
  • New, Emoticon by swipe from Right-to-Left
  • New, Text Selection, Cut/Copy/Paste
  • New, More KB skins
  • New, Change key stype
  • New, extensible SpaceBar for small-display devices
  • New, (For Pro version) save 9420TKB Setting to SDCard

[Features in 9420TKB V.2.2.2 both Free and Donated version - Build No.#80/81]
  • Fixed, (for some phone models) over-sized Advanced Popup KB (Numeric)
    (long-press on the "period" key on the left of ENTER)

[What's new 9420TKB V.2.2.1 both Free and Donated version - Build No.#78/79]
  • New, code optimization for smoother and faster typing
  • New (for donate version), Choose color for font at upper-level
  • New, all new skin colors
  • New, English 5-row layout (Portrait)
  • New, QWERTY layout for English/Thai (Landscape)
  • New, Choose keyboard height (Portrait and landscape mode)
  • New, Choose (key) font size (Portrait and landscape mode)
  • New, resizable preview window
  • New, Disable “Full Screen Mode” in Landscape mode

[What's new 9420TKB V.2.1.3 both Free and Donated version - Build No.#64/65]
  • Fixed, duplicated-last-sentence when typing in WhatsApp (landscape mode)

[What's new 9420TKB V.2.1.2 both Free and Donated version - Build No.#62/63]
  • None, Just to match version of 9420TKB Keyboard for Tablet

[What's new 9420TKB V.2.1.1 both Free and Donated version - Build No.#60/61]
  • New, typing "faster" and more "responsive"
  • Fixed, duplicated-character when typing in WhatApps
  • Fixed, adjust layout dimension for better typing accuracy

[What's new 9420TKB V.2.1.0 (Donate Version) - Build No.#59]
9420TKB (special version) is considered as the token of appreciation for donators who support Solution 9420. It comes equipped with @MyWords (custom words) that provides the following capabilities
  • Ease of use, just type words into @MyWords page (NotePad style - two charactors up)
  • Add/Remove words or Copy from somewhere and Paste into @MyWords page
  • Remark - Some keyboard software allow you to add words but not remove. Ending up as "Junk words" on your device!!!
  • Support words starting with symbols, or numbers, like :) **/\** (800) 1-800
  • Remark/1 - The following symbols are not allowed... Currency symbols, • (Bullet), ° (Degree), μ (Mu), ƒ (Function), ¶ (Pi), ± (Plus/Minus), ÷ (Divide), ™ (Trademark), ® (Registered), © (Copyright), ¿ (Inverted question), ¡ (Inverted exclamation)
  • Support short phases like "In_meeting,_Will_call_back" (outcome is "In meeting, Will call back")
  • Remark/1 - Use "underscore" as space Remark/2 - Use two "consecutive" underscores for underscore like "System__1" (outcome is "System_1")

@MyWords - Manage Your Own Words (available on special version)

[What's new 9420TKB V.2.1.0 - Build No.#58]
  • New English layout supporting Symbols using KeyFling/Up, Down, and Side (even faster typing)
  • Word Suggestion with (no-compromised) full word list in both English and Thai languages
  • (For Special Version) @MyWords, enabling the customizable words or phases in your style (special version comes by donation)
  • 9420Inform, News and updates on 9420TKB new versions, usages, and so on

New Keyboard Layout (Adv Eng/2)

Word Suggestion (English/Thai)
(Image only shows the English language)

9420Inform - News on 9420TKB Usages and so on

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