9420TKB Keyboard for Android V.4.0.0 Features

  • Images illustrating features in V.4.0.0

  • What's new in V.4.0.0]
    • New, New engine, more responsive and MultiTouch
    • New, More KB skin color (White)
    • New, SoftEnter, long-press Enter to get new-line in SMS or WhatApps
    • New, Use Arabic numbers over Thai numbers
    • New, KB height adjustment
    • New, (Pro version) support "portforio keyboard"
    • New, (Free version) suggest for donation"

    What's new in V.3.0.0]
    • New, support "slide" keyboard with the following features
      • Word suggestion while typing
      • Configurable for "Language Switcher" key
      • Text Selection by press [Shift+Directional Keys]
      • Text Selection Cut/Copy/Paste Cntl+A, Cntl+X, Cntl+C, Cntl+V
        (Remark - work with the old version of Android when the cntl key is not supported)
      • Auto-Capitalization
      • MultiTap key, type the shifted character by tap the key twice
      • LongTap, type the shifted character by press-and-hold the key
    • New, Close button for Suggestion bar to close
    • New, Emoticon by swipe from Right-to-Left
    • New, Text Selection, Cut/Copy/Paste
    • New, More KB skins
    • New, Change key stype
    • New, (For Pro version) save 9420TKB Setting to SDCard

    [Features in V 2.2.1]
    • New, code optimization for smoother and faster typing
    • New (for donate version), Choose color for font at upper-level
    • New, all new skin colors
    • New, English 5-row layout (Portrait)
    • New, QWERTY layout for English/Thai (Landscape)
    • New, Choose keyboard height (Portrait and landscape mode)
    • New, Choose (key) font size (Portrait and landscape mode)
    • New, resizable preview window
    • New, Disable “Full Screen Mode” in Landscape mode

    [Options for English-Only Usage]
    • No Thai KB, turns off Thai layout

    [Main Features]
    • 2-Level Keyboard Layout, 2nd-level accessing to capital letters
      • accessing by MultiTap, LongTap, and KeyFling
      • (New in V.2.1) 2 (more) advanced layouts (Adv Eng/2 and Adv Eng/2 No Delete Key)
      • 2 advanced layouts (Adv Eng/1 and Adv Eng/1 No Delete Key)
      • 3 advanced layouts for Thai (Thai 5x9Plus, Thai 5x9, and Thai 5x9 No Del Key)
      • 2 advanced layouts for Symbols (Adv Symbols and Adv Symbols No Del Key)
    • Standard Keyboard Layout, standard layouts existed in previous V2.0
      • 3 layouts for English (Stylus, Finger and Finger - No Del Key)
      • 3 layouts for Thai
      • 3 layouts for Symbols
    • Adv Popup KB
      • exists only in advanced layout
      • Support Swipe, for quickly changing to popup keyboards nearby
      • Adv Popup KB/Numberic, for numbers, and mathematic symbols (aboved period)
      • Adv Popup KB/Symbol, for symbols (aboved @)
      • Adv Popup KB/Navigation-@MyKey, directional keys and @MyKey (aboved KBClose key)
    • Popup KB (Standard), are popup keyboards above keys from the 2nd row onward (from bottom)
      • Shifted Key, Popup KB contains the shifted key
      • Near-by Key, Popup KB contains the nearby keys
      • @WebKey, Popup KB contains @WebKey
    • (New in V.2.1) Word Suggestion (Eng/Thai)
    • (New in V.2.1) @MyWords customizable word (and phase) list (Eng/Thai)
    • Auto Capitalization
    • Extended Height, extends the keyboard height for small-display devices
    • See-thru Preview Text, supporting 2-level layout
    • Color and Skin
      • 5 skins for main layouts
      • 5 colors for popup keyboard
      • 7 colors for Suggestion bar
    • Show Setting in Th/Eng
    • Flexibly Setting, highly flexible for options and timing

    [9420TKB Shortcuts and Advanced Swipes]
    • 9420TKB Shortcuts
      • Delete
      • Shifted
      • Unshifted
      • CapsLock
      • KBClose
      • KBChange
      • KBChange/Backward
      • GoToEng
      • GoToThai
      • GoSymbols
      • SelectInputMethod
      • FastDel/1 (Del x3)
      • FastDel/2 (Del x5)
      • FastDel/3 (Del x7)
      • FastDel/4 (Del till Space)
      • FastDel/5 (Delete All)
    • Shortcuts can be accessed by
      • Shaking, Short Shake, Long Shake, and Continuous Shake
      • Swiping, Swipe
        • Swipe, (Swipe Left, Right, Down, and Up)
        • Advanced Swipe, (adds additional 4 types)
      • Video demonstrates Swipe and Shake Click Here

    • Notification, Visual Feedback for executed shortcuts
    • Vibration
    • Sound

    • (New in V.2.1) 9420Inform, News about 9420TKB usages and so on
    • No Symbol Keyboard, disable Symbol keyboard
    • English Only, changes 9420TKB for English-only usage
      • No Thai KB, turns off Thai layout

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