9420 Thai Keyboard Pro - Features (En)

[9420 Thai Keyboard Pro Features]
The features of 9420 Thai Keyboard Pro are the following
  • supports splitted keyboard for tablet and phone/landscape (NEW)
  • supports screen resize for one-hand typing
  • supports any screen sizes and Android R3.0 and onward
  • supports physical keyboard
  • change language by swiping from Left-to-Right
  • typing the shifted letters via FastType (double-tap, long-tap, and fling-up)
  • supports Google Voice Recognition (VoiceType)
  • supports Emoji characters (number and color vary upon device)
  • uses Arabic numbers on Thai keyboard
  • includes word suggestion with custom words
  • changes color/dimension of the keyboard and upper font
  • navigation keys and text selection cut/copy/paste

Figure 1.0a - resizing kb for one-hand typing

Figure 1.0b - splitted kb for tablet and phone/landscape

Figure 1.0c - splitted kb with various sizes

Figure 1.0d - uses Arabic numbers on Thai keyboard

Figure 2.0a - supporting physical keyboard

Figure 2.0b - supporting physical keyboard

Figure 2.0c - supporting physical keyboard

Figure 3.0 - FastType(LongTap, DoubleTap, and KeyFling/Up

Figure 4.0 - Voice Recognition

Figure 5.0a - Emoji (Text mode)
Figure 5.0b - Emoji (Pictorial)

Figure 6.0a - Color and Skins

Figure 6.0b - Font Size (set horizontal and vertical separately)

Figure 7.0 - Custom Words

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