9420 Thai Keyboard Pro - Enabling Physical Keyboard (En)

[Enabling Physical Keyboard in 9420 Thai Keyboard Pro ]

The steps for enabling the physical keyboard are the following
  • Turn on the [Use physical keyboard] option in 9420TKB/Setting
  • **Warning** ensure to turn off [Hardware Physical Keyboard] option in Android
    (This option will show when you has successfully attached the physical keyboard)

[Turn on the Use physical keyboard option in 9420TKB]
The steps for turning on the [Use physical keyboard] option in 9420TKB are the following
  • (At 9420TKBPro) open the popup keyboard
  • Press 9420TKB/Setting button
  • Select [Physical Keyboard] option
  • Select [Use physical keyboard] option

[Figure 1.0 Turning on Use Physical Keyboard option]


[Turning OFF Hardware Physical Keyboard in Android]
These are the steps to indicate to Android that the physical keyboard will be handled by 9420TKBPro (not by Android). The steps to turn off are the following
  • The option will only show when the physical keyboard is attached
  • Goto [Language & Input] in Android setting
    • open program (as if) to send SMS and type something to ensure that the keyboard is shown on the screen
    • (while KB showing) drag your finger from top of the screen
      (Notification screen will show up)
    • select [Select input method]
  • Turn off [Hardware Physical Keyboard] option

[Figure 2.0 Turning of Hardware Physical Keyboard option]

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