9420TKB Keyboard for Tablet V.4.0.0 Features (with Images)

[What's new in v 4.0.0]

Figure 1.0 - Show Arabic Numbers over Thai numbers

Figure 2.0a - (Pro Version) Support Portforio Keyboard (shows with Galaxry Tab 7")

Figure 2.0b - (Pro Version) Support Portforio Keyboard (with Thai Screen)

[What's new in v 3.0.0]

Figure 3.0a - Close button on suggestion bar to gain more view (temporary)

Figure 3.0b - Show Emoticon by Swipe from Right-to-Left

Figure 3.0c - Text Selection, Cut, Copy, Paste

Figure 4.0 - More skins and key style

[Features in V.2.2.1]

Figure 1.0 - Menu highlighting new and changes in this version

Figure 2.0 - All new keyboard skins

Figure 3.0 - Resizable preview text window

[What's new in V.2.2.0]

Figure 1.0 - Choose KB Height (Separate Portrait and Landscape mode)

Figure 2.0 - Choose (Key) Font Size (Separate Portrait and Landscape mode)

Figure 3.0 - Setting "No Full-screen mode" in Landscape

Figure 4.0 - Set color for Upper-level font (for donate version)

[Images illustrating features in 9420TKB]

Figure 1.0 - Portrait Layouts (English/Thai) and See-thru Preview Text

Figure 2.0a - Landscape Layouts (English) and See-thru Preview Text

Figure 2.0b - Landscape Layouts (English) and See-thru Preview Text

Figure 3.0 - Accessing Capital letters using LongTap, MultiTap, and KeyFling/Up

Figure 4.0 - Advanced Popup KB with supporting swipe for changing to others popup KBs

Figure 5.0 - Shortcuts and Advanced Swipe (Shake Sesonsor Click Here)

Figure 6.0 - Twitter Name Suggestion and Remembering

Figure 7.0 - 9420TKB Word Suggestion

Figure 8.0 - 9420TKB @MyWord

Figure 9.0 - 9420TKB Notification

Figure 10.0 - 9420Inform, Views information on 9420TKB usages and so on

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