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What Android version does 9420TKB supports?
9420TKB will run on Android Release R1.5 and upward.


Do I need to install Thai language if I only use 9420TKB for English only?
No, if English is the only language you are using, you only do three following settings
  1. Unmark "Show Setting in Thai"
  2. Unmark "Use Thai Keyboard"
    [9420TKB Setting] => [Choose Layout] => [(Unmark) Use Thai Keyboard]
  3. Unmark "Show Thai in Symbols KB"
    [9420TKB Setting] => [Choose Layout] => [(Unmark) Show Thai in Symbols KB]


Already install 9420TKB but the keyboard still not there, How come?
You will need to enable and choose 9420TKB as the active input method. Please check out the pages, Enable 9420TKB as one of the active input methods and Select 9420TKB as the current imput method for the instructions


Have an Android phone, locate Outside Thailand, what do I do to type Thai?
Chances are that your phone is not equipped with Thai fonts beforehand.
If that is the case, you will got "squares" when you typing Thai using
any Thai keyboards in the market. You have two options.
  1. Wait for an official upgrade to Android R2.2 (Froyo) from your phone manufacturer, R2.2 comes with Thai fonts installed
  2. Manually copy the Thai font files into the designated areas

Manually copy the font files into the designated areas
The designated areas for the font files is "/system/fonts" and it is the **restricted** area. You will need to gain "super-user" authority to be able to access that area. The process of becoming "super-user" is called "rooting" in Android (comparable to "Jailbreak" in iPhone).

"Rooting" precedure varies for each models. Some are not at all allowed to be rooted. Please note that some manufacturers will void your warranty if rooted unless you can roll back to the original state and make it unnoticeable by the support service team.

Please search for keywords like "your phone model" and "rooting" for the rooting procedure.

For Thai font files and the copying instruction, please search for
keywords like "Android" and "Thai font", the instructions for copying
is the same to every models.


Already install 9420TKB, the keyboard popup, but got "squares" when typing Thai, What do I do?

Please see the topic "Have an Android phone, locate Outside Thailand, what do I do to type Thai?" for the information.

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